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General Aspects


Accidents and Accidental Wounding

Achiet Le Petit: March 1917 Action of

Adjutant's Work

Aeroplanes and Balloons

Agriculture: French

Aisne, Battle of - 12/15 September 1914

Albania and Albanians

Albert, Battles of - 1/13 July 1916 & 21/23 August 1918

Alien Parentage - Military Service

Ambulance (Barges)

Ambulances (Horse Drawn)

Ambulance Trains

Americans/America Troops/United States

America - Pre 1914

Amiens - Town and Battle of, 8-11 August 1918.


Animals and Wildlife

Antwerp Defence of, 4/10 October 1914.

Armentieres City of

Armistice - Conscientious Objectors & F.A. Unit. See also: Bainton - American Quaker, F.A.U. France; Dodd E.E.;Pollard R. - F.A.U. France; Smith H. - C.O. Wandsworth Prison; Stanton H. - C.O. Maidstone Prison; Armistice - Newspapers; British and German newspapers in Newspaper Catalogue/Card Index

Armistice - Domestic Front

Armistice - Egypt

Armistice - General References. See also: C.O.; Domestic Front; Peace and After in Domestic Front File; Egypt; Germany; India; Italy; Mesopotamia/Persia; Newspapers; Other Countries; Palestine; Paris Peace Conference - Miss J.Whitehead (Dorn.Front); Post Armistice Battlefield Conditions; P.O.W.; RFC/RAF; R.N. and RN/MN; Ruleben; Turkey; War Office; Western Front; Women Overseas

Armistice - Germany

Armistice - India

Armistice - Italy

Armistice - Mesopotamia/Persia

Armistice - Other Countries

Armistice - Palestine

Armistice - Post Armistice Battlefield Conditions

Armistice - P.O.W.

Armistice - R.F.C./R.A.F.

Armistice - Royal Navy. See also R.N./M.N. Armistice

Armistice - Turkish Armistice

Armistice - Western Front

Armistice - Women Overseas

Armoured Cars


Army Service Corps, work of

Arras - City and battle of 9 April/4 May 1917

Artillery - 18 Pdr and other Guns

Artillery - Aircraft Co-operation

Artillery - Anti-Aircraft

Artillery - Barrage

Artillery - Coastal Defence

Artillery - General

Artillery - Howitzers

Artillery - Mountain Artillery

Artillery - Range Finding and Observation

Artillery - Royal Field Artillery

Artillery - Royal Garrison Artillery

Artillery - Trench Mortars

Artists Rifles

Arts - Autograph Albums

Arts - Cigarette Cards

Arts - Embroidery

Arts - Literary Imagery

Arts - Metal/Woodwork/Chalk

Arts - Music

Arts - Pin-Ups

Arts - Poems

Arts - Published

Arts - Songs and Poems

Arts - Unpublished

Atrocities. See this catalogue under [Propaganda and Enlistment. Domestic Front and G.S. under Miscell: Churches (Dr.S.)

Atrocitties in the Balkans

Attitudes/Opinions . Good letters on numerous topics Fleming letters (GS), Shepherd/Chapman letters in Domestic Front:Munitions and Mitchison (GS).See under precise headings:- French, Americans, Germans etc.

Attitudes/Opinions - American Attitudes to British

Attitudes/Opinions - American Attitudes Towards Themselves

Attitudes/Opinions - Attitudes under Shellfire/Danger

Attitudes/Opinions - Comparison: Western Front with Other Fronts - RN visits to the Western Front

Attitudes/Opinions - Comparison: Western Front with Other Fronts - Western Front and East Africa

Attitudes/Opinions - Comparison: Western Front with Other Fronts - Western Front and Egypt/Palestine

Attitudes/Opinions - Comparison: Western Front with Other Fronts - Western Front and Gallipoli

Attitudes/Opinions - Comparison: Western Front with Other Fronts - Western Front and India

Attitudes/Opinions - Comparison: Western Front with Other Fronts - Western Front and Italy

Attitudes/Opinions - Comparison: Western Front with Other Fronts - Western Front and Macedonia

Attitudes/Opinions - Comparison: Western Front with Other Fronts - Western Front and Mesopotamia

Attitudes/Opinions - Comparison: Western Front with Other Fronts - Western Front and Palestine

Attitudes/Opinions - Crime and Corruption

Attitudes/Opinions - of Australians towards Non-Australians

Attitudes/Opinions - To Contents of own Letters and Diaries

Attitudes/Opinions - Toward Arabs

Attitudes/Opinions - Toward High Command and Conduct of War

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Albanians

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Americans

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Australians

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards being Conscripted

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards being Wounded and Towards Returning to Active Service after Recovery.

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Belgians: Civilians and Soldiers

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards British Abroad

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Bulgars

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Canadians

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Civilians from Servicemen

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Civilians, Homes and Parents

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Conscientious Objection, Objectors, Miners, Industrial Workers and Slackers

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Conscription

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Disillusionment

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards German POWs

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Indians

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Inventors

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Irish

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Italians

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Jamacians and West Indians

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Japanese

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Jews

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Joining up/Patriotism

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Morbidity/Anticipation of Death

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Native Troops and Natives Generally

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards New Zealanders

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Nurses - Domestic Front Nurses

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Nurses - Women

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Other Units

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Pacifists/Pacifism. See also Towards Conscientious Objection

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Patriotism. See Joining Up/Patriotism

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Philosophy of Life

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Politicians. See Politics

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Portuguese

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Regiment

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Religion. See Religion

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Russians

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Senior Officers and Staff

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Serbians

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Social Mix of Army Life

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Strikers

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards the Army

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards the French. See under French in this catalogue.

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards the Germans

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards the War in General

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Turks

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards War Correspondents (and those who wrote about the war)

Attitudes/Opinions - Towards Women

Aubers Ridge and Festubert (Battles of May 1915)

Aveluy Wood


Bailleul - Town of

Bairnsfather. See book section; Personalities; R.F.C.Catalogue



Bangalore Torpedo

Bantams. See book section


Barges (Hospital). See wounds

Bases - Base Area Facilities

Basutos - on W/F


Batman/Officer's Servant. See also Officer/Men Relationships

Bayonet Training/In Action/Close Order Fighting

Beaumont-Hamel: July 1916 and 13/18 November 1916. See Somme

Belgian Coast - Projected Landing Autumn 1917

Belgian Soldiers and Civilians. See also attitudes towards

Belgium, Occupied. See Separate Catalogue: Germans in Belgium; Domestic Front: Propoganda; Propoganda: anti-German/Kaiser's Will in Domestic Front

Billets and Camps

Birdwood - Field Marshal Sir William. See Anzac section

Biscuits - Army




Bombers - Infantry. See also Grenades

Bombing - Aerial and Trench Strafing by Germans

Booby Traps

Boom Ravine - Somme, February 1917


Bourlon Wood - November 30th 1917 (German Cambrai Counter-attack)

Bravery: Without decoration



"Bull" Army

Bullecourt - 3-17 May 1917

Bullring - Etaples

Burial. See also graves, cemeteries

Buses - London Motor

Buttes (Independent Fortifications)


Cadre - Reduction of Unit to


Cambrai - November 20th - December 7th 1917. Ab inito, Cambrai placed under TANKS. This could with care, be revised; Map catalogue


Canadians/Canada. See also under Attitudes - Towards Canadians, see Vimy; "Divisional Units" and Propaganda (British).


Cavalry. See also this catalogue under Animals and Horses and Cavalry; other Cavalry and Yeomanry Regt. men in Regimental cross ref; Egypt/Palestine Catalogue.

Cemeteries, Graves and Commemoration. See also death



Charteris: Brig. General

Christmas 1915

Christmas 1917 - Celebrations

Christmas 1918

Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards - Brigade

Christmas Cards - British Red Cross

Christmas Cards - Civilian

Christmas Cards - Corps

Christmas Cards - Division

Christmas Cards - General

Christmas Cards - G.H.Q.

Christmas Cards - Italy. See Italy - Photos and Miscellaneous

Christmas Cards - Mesopotamia

Christmas Cards - Navy

Christmas Cards - Number 10 Convalescent Depot: France 1918

Christmas Cards - Palestine

Christmas Cards - Personal Design

Christmas Cards - RFC/RNAS/RAF

Christmas Cards - RN

Christmas Cards - "Sponsored"

Christmas Truce - 1914

Christmas Truce - 1914 (Non Truce)

Christmas Truce - 1915

Christmas Truce 1916 (and Christmas 1916)




Comforts. See also Domestic Front: Fundraising

Command in July/August 1918

Company Roll Books. See Also Officer/Men Relationships

Comradeship. See Also Officer/Men Relationships

Concert Party. See Entertainment for most concert party references


Corduroy Paths/Roads

Courts Marshall. See Conscientious Objection section of the archive; see this catalogue for Executions, Field Punishment No.1 Order and Shell Shock

Cultural (Tastes)

Curragh Incident




Death, Bereavement and Commemoration. For RFC/RNAS see RFC Catalogue & Reference System.

Deception, Ruses, Tricks. See also Booby Traps

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - 1914 Star, Service and Victory Medals

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - C.M.G.

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Commander of the Bath (Military Division)

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Croix de Guerre

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Decorations - Attitudes Towards. See the Soldier's War, attitudes chapter

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Distinguished Conduct Medal

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Distinguished Flying Cross

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Distinguished Service Cross

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Distinguished Service Medal. See R.N. Catalogue under decorations

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Investiture Ticket

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Italian Bronze Medal

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Medaille D'Honneur

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Mentioned in Despatches

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Meritorious Service Medal

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Military Cross

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Military Medal

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Military Medal - French

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - O.B.E.

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Order de l'Armee

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Order of Albert Medal

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Order of Kara George (Serbia)

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Order of Saint Sava (Serbia)

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Order of Saint Vladmir 4th Class (Russian)

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Unit Commendations

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Various Papers

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Victoria Cross. See other sections of the Archives or the tape-recorded card index system for information on the Victoria Cross recipients.

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Victoria Cross - Section II

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Victoria Cross - Section III (Written material from individual folders relating to individual recipients)

Decorations - Distinguished Conduct - Victoria Cross - Section IV. See General Aspects: Jews

Delville Wood

Demobilisation. For demobilisation difficulties see under Mutiny, this catalogue.


Dental Work


Despatch Riders


Discipline/Indiscipline. See also this catalogue under Courts Martial, Mutiny and Executions.

Divisional Units - Area of Service - Unit Documents

Divisions and Training


Drafts - Conduct of





Dug-outs/Elderly Officers




Edward VII


Employment Certificates. See under Demobilisation in this catalogue.



Entertainment/Recreation/Sport: Entertainment. See Concert Parties

Entertainment/Recreation/Sport: Programmes. Salonika: "Entertainment" for numerous examples

Entertainment/Recreation/Sport: Sport

Entertainment/Recreation/Sport: Sport Programmes




Exemptions. See Conscientious Objection Archives for exemption from conscripition.


Festubert. See Aubers Ridge and Festubert

Field Punishment No. 1. See Conscientious Objectors; Military Law - this catalogue; Courts Martial - this catalogue.

Field Punishment No.2

Field Service Almanac

Field Service Pocket Books

Field Service Postcards and 'Green' Envelopes (a collection of various)

Field Service Regulations


Flame Throwers

Fleas, Flies and Insects in General

Flers - 15th September 1916

Food/Food Parcels/Canteens/Army Rations/Military Cooking. In addition to these references the letters, diaries and papers of many service-men contain constant references to the quality and availability of food and rations, contents of parcels and canteen facilities.

France (Occupied) and post-war France

French. See also the French Section of the Archives as well as this catalogue under Attitudes to the French and under Propaganda.

French, Sir John

Friendly Fire. See also Accidents, Wounds, Death, Attitudes towards other Units, Artillery.


Frise - Battle of January 1916

Fromelles - Battle of June 1916



Gas and use of Smoke. See also this catalogue under Instruction, Loos and 2nd Ypres, additionally the Museum Section of the Archives.


Gaza - Battles of March-November 1917

German Peace Offer

Germans/German Weapons and German POWs. See also under Domestic Front: Civilian Interment and POW in Britain; this Catalogue under Attitudes; German Section for Germans as fighting soldiers, and in certain individual folders; Maps (German); Ruhleben Section and P.O.W.; Newspapers: German

Germany - Occupation of. See in German Section: occupation of



Ginchy (Somme)

Givinchy (1914)

Givinchy 1915 - 25th January and 15-16 June. See also this catalogue under Divisional Units; Aubers Ridge/Festubert.

Goatskin 'Teddy Bear' Coats

Gough, Field Marshall Sir H.

Gouzeaucourt - 20/21 November 1917 and German counter attack. See under Bourlon Wood for German counter-attack

Grenades. See also bombers, infantry

Gueudecourt (1916)


Gun Pit


Haig, Field Marshall Sir Douglas and G.H.Q.. See Photos: Personalities

Hand-to-Hand Fighting

Health, Fitness, Cleanliness and Disease. See also Lice and Fleas; this Catalogue under Entertainment: Sport; Salonika, for Malaria; Gallipoli and Mesopotamia, for disease material.

Heroism (not associated with Decorations)

Hindenberg Line and Battles of the 100 days - 1918 - from 8th August to 9th October

Hooge - Battle of July 1915

Horses and Cavalry. See separate section for Mules; Animals and Cavalry; papers in General Section of those in Cavalry or Yeomanry units; Egypt/Palestine and Salonika; card index of tape recordings; Photographs and Cards.

Hospital Ships. See RM/MN catalogue

Hospitals - War (BEF Hospitals in France mainly). See also Domestic Front and Women's Section

Hospital Train

Humour and Pranks. See this catalogue under Art, Entertainment and Trench Magazines; Egypt/Palestine under Entertainment.


Indian Army. See under Mespotamia; under Tape recordings.

Infantry Training and Drill. See also this catalogue Bayonet Training; Bombers; Instruction Courses; Machine Guns; Rifle and Musketry; Tactics

Influenza. See many individual folders especially in Domestic Front.

Instruction Courses/Training. Bayonet training; Bombers; Enlistment/Training; Infantry Training and Drill; Machine Guns; Rifle and Musketry; Signalling and Communications; Tactics

Intelligence (Officer) Work and Military and Political Intelligence

Intercourse with enemy - verbal and visual. See also Live & Let Live, Fraternisation, Christmas Truce, Attitudes towards Germans, Germans including German;POWs.



King George V. See also Royalty

Kitchener Armies. See also Attitudes To Other Units; Enlistment.


Labour Corps

La Brasse - Battle of October 1914

Lagnicourt - German attack on 15.4.1917. See Anzac/ Australia W/F 1917 papers.

Landrecies. See also Mons

Language Instruction


Lawrence, Major T.E.

League of Nations

Leave. See this Catalogue under Passes and Tickets.

Le Cateau - 26th August 1914. See also this catalogue under Mons and Retirement.

Legion of Frontiersmen

Le Hamel - 4th July 1918

Le Mesnil - October 1914

Lens - Battle of April 1917

Le Quesnoy

Liberation of Brussels

Liberation of Contrai and Renaix

Liberation of Douai

Liberation of French and Belgian Towns

Liberation of Italy

Liberation of Lille

Liberation of Mauberge

Liberation of Tourcoing. See under French (General Aspects)

Lice and Delousing. See under Gen.Aspects: Health, Fitness & Cleanliness, Item 13.

Lice - on Serbians

Listening Posts. See also Outposts

Live and Let Live/Fraternisation. See also Intercourse with the enemy (verbal and visual)

Loos - Sept.25th - Oct.8th 1915

Lord Kitchener

Love Letters and Loving Family Relationships. Many examples in personal files


Lys - Battle of April 1918. See this catalogue under March 1918 Retreat.


Machine Guns



Map Reading and Map Making

March 1918 Retreat - Subsequent Months

Marching up the Line/Route Marches

Marne - Battle of, September 7th-10th 1914

Mascots. See also General Aspects: Animals.

Maxse, General Sir Ivor

Medical Science


Military Law. See also papers of Conscientious Objectors.

Mines/Booby Traps. See also Booby Traps

Mining and Messines. See Map Catalogue; Photographs.

Missing. See also Death

Mobilisation and Arrival of B.E.F. in France - August 1914. See individual folders in the GS; WF Recollections

Mons and Retirement - 1914, 23rd August - 5th September. N.B. See also Le Cateau/Cavalry/Horses; Map Catalogue; Domestic Front (Propaganda) for Angel of Mons; Landerecies

Morale. See also this catalogue under Shell Shock and Military Law.

Mouquet Farm (Somme) August 1915/1915 - September 3rd 1916


Mutiny. See also this catalogue under Military Law; see under India - for Amritsar


Nature. See Poppies and Agriculture


Netherlands - Wartime Conditions

Neuve Chapelle, Battle of, March 1915. See this catalogue under Orders and despatches - Special Orders of the day


Nissen Huts

Non-commissioned Officers. See this catalogue for Officers and Officer cadets

North Sea Landing Training


Observation Posts

Officer Cadets. See Newspaper Section Catalogue for Officer Cadet Battalion Magazines; this Catalogue under Unit Magazines.

Officer/Men Relationships

Officer/Officer Relationships

Officer Responsibility

Officers: Attitude to Further Promotion

Officers: Commanding Officers

Officers: Conventions, Customs, Mess Life etc

Officers: Duties of an Officer

Officers: Further Promotion

Officers: General Aspects

Officers: Officer Morale in Relation to Men

Officers: Staff Officers

Officers: Warrant Officer

Orders and Despatches: General Routine Orders

Orders and Despatches: Miscellaneous

Orders and Despatches: Official Despatches

Orders and Despatches: Opeartion Orders and Movement Orders. See also this catalogue under Trench Raids; Operation Orders filed appropriately under battles, documented separately e.g Mining/Messines etc.

Orders and Despatches: Regimental, Divisional and Army Standing Orders

Orders and Despatches: Special Orders of the Day

Ostend 1914 - Royal Marines



Padres. See Religion


Pals. Best to approach this subject through the Regimental Cross Reference to Pals Battalions and then check papers of men in those battalions because only in 1994 was "Pals" set up as a cross reference.

Parcels. See this catalogue under Food/Food Parcels

Passchendale. See this catalogue under 3rd Battle of Ypres

Passes and Tickets

Patriotism. See under Attitudes

Patrols and Work in No Man's Land. See also this catalogue under Trench Raids (Nicholson)

Pay/Pay Books/Small Book/Kitchener's Message/Officer's Service Record: Miscellaneous. See also this catalogue under Demobilisation.

Pay/Pay Books/Small Book/Kitcheners Message/Officer''s Service Record: Soldier''s Pay Book. See also many Pay Books filed with individual folders.


Periscope (Trench)



Personalities: Government or Otherwise

Photographs. Apart from the many albums and sets of photographs in individual folders, contained in various sections of the Archives e g Maj Gen R ? Money (outstanding for the Western front 1914/15 and held in GS), photographs within this General Aspects section of the Archives are again sub-divided into subject classification. Where there are, in addition, documents for the subject e g Gas, Somme, Ypres, Health and Fitness, Tanks and where the subject is very specialised e g Flame-throwers, the photographs are placed in the folder for that class. Here under "Photographs" the sub-divisions are as follows:- For reference to official still and cine photographs see M ? Donald (GS) 11.4.17

Photographs: aerial

Photographs: Battle and Trench Conditions

Photographs: Camps/Bivouacs. See also this catalogue under Billets and Camps.

Photographs: Destroyed Towns and Landscapes

Photographs: Groups of Men

Photographs: Kodak

Photographs: Leading Personalities

Photographs: Miscellaneous

Photographs: Official

Photographs: Panoramic

Piave, Battle of - Italy, June 1918. See Italy catalogue.

Pigeons. See signalling and communication


Pillbox. See 3rd Ypres

Pioneer Battalion Work

Pistols and Revolvers

Ploegsteert Wood. See also Ypres


Police, Military

Politics. See Socialist/Pacifist documentation under the Conscientious Objection Section of the Archives.

Polygon Wood, Battle of, October 1917. See 3rd Ypres.

Poperinghe. See also Toc H.


Portuguese. See Attitudes: Towards Portuguese.

Postal System: Army

Postcards. See also Arts: pinups

Pozieres, Battle of the Somme 1916. See under Australian Section; Somme.


Press/Attitudes to the Press

Prisoners of War: Arab Prisoners of War

Prisoners of War: British Prisoners of War. For British P?Ws held in Germany see P?W section of the Archives; For POWs held in Turkey see Mesopotamia section of the Archives

Prisoners of War: Bulgarian Prisoners of War

Prisoners of War: French Prisoners of War

Prisoners of War: German Prisoners of War. See Domestic Front - Internment and P.O.W.

Prisoners of War: Russian Prisoners of War

Prisoners of War: Turkish Prisoners of War

Propaganda. See the German Section; Domestic Front under Propaganda; Salonika and Bulgarian documents; Ruhleben, Miscellaneous for anti-German and perhaps anti-Semitic humour "Mice Schitt"; Dansey-Fisher album No.2 "Committee for the increase of the Population"; Postcards and Arts - Published, this catalogue.

Propaganda: French - Against German

Propoganda: Anti-German

Propoganda: Anti-Turkish (i.e. Subversion Leaflets)

Propoganda: British for Morale of own Soldiers

Propoganda: British to Encourage Russia 1917/1918.

Propoganda: British v German - Soldier and Home Front Morale

Propoganda: German - Anti-British

Propoganda: Imperial

Propoganda: Post-War German Worker Propoganda

Propoganda: Pro-German

Propoganda: Pro-German - Directed Towards the French

Propoganda: Russia

Psychic Phenomena/Premonition. See also: Morbidity, Religion, Propoganda and Domestic Front a) Propaganda including Angel of Mons, Bowmen of England etc. b) Psychic Phenemena.

Public Schools. See Domestic Front: Education



Rations: Army. See Food


Rawlinson, General Sir Henry

Relieving a Unit in the Line

Religion: Christian Pacifism. For Quakers, "Bible Students", Adventists and Jehovah see under Conscientious Objection in this Catalogue

Religion: Egypt/Palestine

Religion: Gallipoli

Religion: General References. See also under Morale

Religion: In General Correspondence

Religion: Jewish 'Padre'. This Catalogue under Jews

Religion: P.O.W

Religion: Royal Navy

Religion: Specific References

Religion: The Chaplain and the War

Religion: Towards Church and Attitude to War in 1914

Religion: Towards Church and Attitude to War in 1915

Religion: Towards Church and Attitude to War in 1916

Religion: Towards Church and Attitude to War in 1917

Religion: Towards Church and Attitude to War in 1918

Religion: Towards Church and Attitude to War in 1919

Religion: Towards Church and Attitude to War in 1920

Religion: Western Front Recollections

Religion: Women's Section

Rest/At Rest

RFC and Infantry Co-operation. See RFC catalogue

Rifles and Musketry. See also this catalogue under:- Infantry training and Drill, Instruction courses, Tactics

Roberts, Lord. See Fund-raising (DF)


Royal Army Medical Corps. See other catalogues for RAMC men


Rum Issue

Rumours. See also under Domestic Front.


Russians. See Intervention in Russian Catalogue.


Salvage, Battlefield Clearance, Burials, Economy and Waste

Salvation Army

Sambre Oise Canal, Crossing of, November 1918


Sandhurst R.M. College

Sanitation. See also Trench Conditions; General Aspects: Latrines.

Scouts and Sniping. See under Sniping



Self Inflicted Wounds

Sentries and Guard Duty


Shelle, Crossing of, 1918

Shell shock

Signalling and Communication. See also this catalogue under: Armistice (Signals); Infantry Training and Drill; Instruction Courses; Orders; Scouts and Snipers (Rev.Witty's notebook references to a "Pigeon man"); Tanks (File C)

Sketches: Military


Smith-Dorrien, Lt, Gen.



Snipers and Sniping. See also Scouts


Somme - Artwork. See also under Artwork in this catalogue.

Somme - Battle of; July 1st - November 1916

Sound Ranging and Flash Spotting

South Africa including Boer War



Staff Work

Steel Helmets

St. Eloi, March 1915 (and Craters 1916)

St. Julien

St. Mihiel

Stores (Quartermaster's)

St. Quentin, Battle of 1918

Strafe from Air

Stragglers/Separation from Unit

Stretcher Bearers

Strikers. See this catalogue under Attitudes towards.


Supply. See also transport


Tactics. See this catalogue under Infantry training and drill, also machine guns.

Tanks - General, 1916

Tanks - General, 1917

Tanks - General, 1918

Tanks - General, 1919

Territorial Force - 1914/Post-1914

Territorial Force - Pre-1914

Toc H - Talbot House. See this catalogue under Entertainment

Training. See this catalogue under Instruction.

Trains - Ambulance. See Field Ambulance Unit Section (CO)


Transport: HM Troop Transport

Trench Conditions

Trench Foot/Feet

Trench Guides

Trench Magazines

Trench Magazines: Sub Rosa - West Lancashire Division

Trench Magazines: The Banker's Draft - 26th Royal Fusiliers Bankers Bn

Trench Magazines: The Battalion Magazine of the 15th Battalion Tanks Corps

Trench Magazines: The Dud - 14th Bn. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

Trench Magazines: The Dump - Twenty-third Division

Trench Magazines: The Garrison Goat of the 2/2 London Regt.

Trench Magazines: The Listening Post - Canadian Units

Trench Magazines: The Northern Mudguard - 2/1st Northern Cyclist Bn.

Trench Magazines: The Pelican Pie of the 62nd West Riding Division

Trench Magazines:The Pull-Thro of the 16th Bn. Manchester Regt

Trench Magazines: The R.A.M.C. Depot Magazine

Trench Magazines: The Royal Sussex Herald

Trench Magazines: The Vancouver Battalion (29th Canadian Task Force)

Trench Magazines: The Wiggle Waggle of the 112 Field Coy. R.E.

Trench Magazines: Ye Old and Bolde Gazette

Trench - Pre-War Training

Trinidad's War Effort

Trivial Statistics: Father and Sons Serving Together

Trivial Statistics: Oldest Man at Enlistment

Trivial Statistics: Oldest Man on Active Service

Trivial Statistics: Oldest Woman in 1914

Trivial Statistics: Sons on Active Service

Trivial Statistics: Youngest Man at Enlistment


Verey Lights. See also Rockets.

Versailles - Treaty of (Paris Peace Conference)

Veterens' Re-Unions/Old Comrades Associations. See Gallipoli (Veterans); many individual folders

Veterinary Work

Vice and VD and Brothels. See also this catalogue under Health

Villers Bretonneux

Vimy 1916

Vimy/Arras 9th-14th April 1917. See this catalogue under Canadians for Vimy.

Volunteers - the Pre-Territorial Force


Zionist Mule Corps. See also Mules; General Aspects: Jews

Domestic Front


Belgian Refugees. See also under Fund Raising

Billeting of Soldiers. See also General, Womens and Domestic Front sections

Boys Brigade/Church Army

Boy Scouts. See Recollections: Domestic Front

Boy's Journals


Education and Children. See in recollections of many men and women documented in the Archives on their war service and also in the DF Recollections Section





Hospitals, British Military. See also: "Gen. Aspects: Wounds", "Nursing", "WO e.g Milburn"

Household Economy. See also Rationing



Nursing. See under Hospitals


Pacifism. See under CO/FAU Section

Patriotism / Propaganda / Morale Boosting. See also in General Aspects under Enlistment and under Propaganda


Peace & After - Commemoration

Peace & After - Peace Celebrations



Politics. See General Aspects: Politics/Attitudes to


Pre-1914 Material

Psychic Phenomena / Premonitions

Public Schools


The Treasury

Towns, Cities and Regions: Aldershot

Towns, Cities and Regions: Bedford

Towns, Cities and Regions: Birmingham

Towns, Cities and Regions: Bradford

Towns, Cities and Regions: Brighton

Towns, Cities and Regions: Bristol

Towns, Cities and Regions: Burnley

Towns, Cities and Regions: Cambridge

Towns, Cities and Regions: Catterick

Towns, Cities and Regions: Catterick Camp

Towns, Cities and Regions: Channel Islands

Towns, Cities and Regions: Chatham

Towns, Cities and Regions: Chipping Norton

Towns, Cities and Regions: Cleadon, Sunderland

Towns, Cities and Regions:Darlington

Towns, Cities and Regions: Darwen, Lancashire

Towns, Cities and Regions:Dewsbury

Towns, Cities and Regions: Dewsbury

Towns, Cities and Regions: Dover

Towns, Cities and Regions: Durham

Towns, Cities and Regions: Egremont

Towns, Cities and Regions: Exeter

Towns, Cities and Regions: Gateshead

Towns, Cities and Regions: Halifax

Towns, Cities and Regions: Harrogate

Towns, Cities and Regions: Hartlepool

Towns, Cities and Regions: Hove/Shoreham

Towns, Cities and Regions: Huddersfield

Towns, Cities and Regions: Hull

Towns, Cities and Regions: Kirkby Stephen

Towns, Cities and Regions: Leeds

Towns, Cities and Regions: Leicester

Towns, Cities and Regions: London

Towns, Cities and Regions: Loughborough

Towns, Cities and Regions: Lowestoft

Towns, Cities and Regions: Manchester

Towns, Cities and Regions: Newcastle Upon Tyne

Towns, Cities and Regions: Nottingham

Towns, Cities and Regions: Oxford

Towns, Cities and Regions: Reading

Towns, Cities and Regions: Ripon Camp

Towns, Cities and Regions: Rotherham

Towns, Cities and Regions: Salford

Towns, Cities and Regions: Salisbury

Towns, Cities and Regions: Sheerness

Towns, Cities and Regions: Silver Town (Explosion)

Towns, Cities and Regions: Slough

Towns, Cities and Regions: Southend

Towns, Cities and Regions: South Shields

Towns, Cities and Regions: Stamford

Towns, Cities and Regions: Sunderland

Towns, Cities and Regions: Upper Slaughter

Towns, Cities and Regions: Whitby

Towns, Cities and Regions: Whitley Bay

Towns, Cities and Regions: Wrexham

Towns, Cities and Regions: Yarmouth (Shelling of)

Royal Navy, Merchant Navy


Admiralty - High Command

Aeroplanes - Aerial Spotting for Gunnery

Aeroplanes - Air Attack

Aeroplanes - Anti-aircraft Gunnery

Aeroplanes - Turret Aeroplanes

Aircraft Carriers

Armed Merchantmen

Armistice (11.11.18)

Armoured Cars

Attitudes - Towards Cadets at the School of Military Aeronautics, Oxford

Attitudes - Towards Decorations and Medals

Attitudes - Towards own crew

Attitudes - Towards Soldiers

Attitudes - Towards Superior Officers and Commanders

Attitudes - Towards the American Sailors

Attitudes - Towards the Danes

Attitudes - Towards the French - Military and Civilians

Attitudes - Towards the Germans

Attitudes - Towards the Greeks

Attitudes - Towards the Italians

Attitudes - Towards the Royal Navy from Civilians

Attitudes - Towards the Royal Navy Volunteer and other Reserves

Attitudes - Towards the Turks



Decorations - Legion d'Honneur

Decorations - Mentions in Despatches

Decorations - Victoria Cross

Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships

Discipline - Breaches of. The administration of general discipline in daily routine and in training establishments is covered in depth in other sections of this catalogue. Numerous Midshipmen's Journals contain this detail, similarly the section on Training provides such references.

Dispatch Riders

Distinguished Service Medal


Dogger Bank (Battle of, January 1915)

Dover Patrol

Drink, Excess of

Dummy Ships. See Gallipoli Photographs and Gallipoli RN



Indian Ocean. See under Germany in RNMN General Aspects for Royal Navy operations in this area

Influenza 1918


Intelligence - Naval


Ratings - Life of / Service of


Repel Boarders

Rhine Flotilla

Royal Marines: Papers and Documents. RNMN Recollections and GALL Recollections folders may contain relevant information, the same applies to RNMN and GALL Tape Recordings

Royal Naval Division. See Wettern, Davies and many more in GS (Regimental Cross Reference)


Russia/Baltic/Black Sea


Sailing Ships/Sails. See several taperecordings



Scapa Flow


Ship: Aboukir

Ship: Acaster

Ship: Adriatic

Ship: Afghan Prince

Ship: Agamemnon

Ship: Agincourt

Ship: Ajax

Ship: Albion

Ship: Alsation

Ship: Amazon

Ship: Amethyst

Ship: Anne (Seaplane Carrier)

Ship: Appam

Ship: Arethusa

Ship: Argos

Ship: Ark Royal

Ship: Armadale Castle

Ship: Arrogant

Ship: Attack (Destroyer)

Ship: Attentive

Ship: Audacious

Ship: Australia

Ship: Azalia

Ship: Bacchante

Ship: Baralong

Ship: Barham

Ship: Beagle

Ship: Beatrice II

Ship: Bellerophon

Ship: Benbow

Ship: Beryl

Ship: Birkenhead

Ship: Bluebell

Ship: Bouvet

Ship: Boxer

Ship: Britannia

Ship: Britannia (as a Training Establishment)

Ship: Broke

Ship: Bulwark

Ship: Burslem

Ship: Caesar

Ship: Caledon

Ship: Calliope

Ship: Calypso

Ship: Cambrian

Ship: Cameronia (HMT)

Ship: Canopus

Ship: Canterbury

Ship: Caradoc

Ship: Cardiff

Ship: Carmania

Ship: Carnarvon

Ship: Caroline

Ship: Caronia

Ship: Carysfort

Ship: Cedric

Ship: Centaur

Ship: Centurion

Ship: Ceres

Ship: Champion (Destroyer Leader 13th Flotilla)

Ship: Changuinola

Ship: Chester

Ship: Cicala

Ship: Circuit

Ship: Cleopatra

Ship: Clio

Ship: Cochrane

Ship: Collingwood

Ship: Collosus

Ship: Columbella

Ship: Conquerer

Ship: Conquest

Ship: Conway

Ship: Cornwall

Ship: Cornwallis

Ship: Coventry

Ship: Crescent (Cruiser)

Ship: Culloden

Ship: Cyclops

Ship: Daffodil

Ship: Daisy

Ship: Danae

Ship: Defence

Ship: Defender

Ship: Deputy

Ship: Derby

Ship: Devonshire

Ship: Djerissa

Ship: Dominion

Ship: Donor

Ship: Doris

Ship: Dreadnought

Ship: Drifters

Ship: Druid

Ship: Dublin

Ship: Duke of York

Ship: Duncan

Ship: E2 Submarine

Ship: Eagle

Ship: Earl of Peterborough

Ship: Eclipse

Ship: Edgar

Ship: Egmont

Ship: Emperor of India

Ship: Empress

Ship: Empress of Russia

Ship: Engadine

Ship: Essex

Ship: Euryalus

Ship: Excellent

Ship: Exmouth

Ship: Falmouth

Ship: Faulknor

Ship: Fauvette

Ship: Fearless

Ship: Foresight

Ship: Formidable. See Memoirs of Men in ships of same squadron e.g E. L. Berthon

Ship: Fortune (Destroyer 12th Flotilla)

Ship: Forward

Ship: Furious (Aircraft Carrier)

Ship: Galeka

Ship: Glasgow

Ship: Glatton

Ship: Glory

Ship: Gloucester

Ship: Goliath

Ship: Good Hope

Ship: Goorkha (Hospital Ship)

Ship: Grenville

Ship: Halcyon

Ship: Haldon

Ship: Hampshire

Ship: Hannibal (Battleship)

Ship: Hardy

Ship: Hector

Ship: Henri IV (French)

Ship: Hercules

Ship: Hexham

Ship: Hilderbrand

Ship: Hood

Ship: Hornet

Ship: Hospital Ships

Ship: Humber

Ship: Hyacinth

Ship: Hyderabad

Ship: Implacable

Ship: Impregnable

Ship: Indefatigable

Ship: Indomitable

Ship: Inflexible

Ship: Invincible

Ship: Iphigenia

Ship: Irene Wray

Ship: Iron Duke

Ship: Irresistible

Ship: Jackal

Ship: Juno

Ship: K Boats

Ship: Kale

Ship: Kempenfelt

Ship: Kent

Ship: King Edward VII

Ship: King George V (WW2)

Ship: Laertes (Destroyer)

Ship: Laurel

Ship: Leander

Ship: Lewis Pelly

Ship: Lightfoot

Ship: Lion

Ship: Lobella

Ship: London

Ship: Lord Nelson

Ship: Lord Roberts

Ship: Lowestoft

Ship: Lurcher

Ship: Lychnis

Ship: Lydiard (Destroyer)

Ship: Magnolia

Ship: Malaya

Ship: Malcolm

Ship: Mamora

Ship: Manica

Ship: Manitou (HMT)

Ship: Manly (Destroyer)

Ship: Maori

Ship: Marigold

Ship: Marlborough

Ship: Mars

Ship: Matchless

Ship: Medway

Ship: Melbourne

Ship: Meteor (T.B.D)

Ship: Minerva

Ship: Minotaur

Ship: Monarch

Ship: Monitor - M24, M31. See "Monitors" in General Aspects, eg Londen-Griffiths, Dickens etc

Ship: Monitor - M33. See "Monitors" in General Aspects, eg Londen-Griffiths, Dickens etc

Ship: Monmouth

Ship: Moorsom

Ship: Morning Star (HMS)

Ship: Motor Launches 229, 260, 383, 473

Ship: Munster

Ship: Nairana

Ship: Natal

Ship: Neptune

Ship: Netean

Ship: New Zealand

Ship: Newcastle

Ship: Nigeria (SS)

Ship: Oak

Ship: Ocean (HMS)

Ship: Octavia (HMS)

Ship: Olympic (HMS)

Ship: Onslaught

Ship: Orama (Auxilliary Cruiser)

Ship: Orford

Ship: Orion

Ship: Orvieto (Cruiser)

Ship: Ossory

Ship: Otaki (SS)

Ship: P38, P40, PC56

Ship: Parker (HMS)

Ship: Partridge

Ship: Patia

Ship: Pelagonium

Ship: Penbroke

Ship: Phaeton

Ship: Phoenix

Ship: Polyanthus

Ship: Poppy

Ship: Porpoise

Ship: Prince George

Ship: Prince of Wales

Ship: Princess Ina

Ship: Princess Royal

Ship: Ptarmigan

Ship: Queen

Ship: Queen Elizabeth

Ship: Queen Mary

Ship: Racoon

Ship: Raglan

Ship: Raider

Ship: Ramillies

Ship: Ready (Brigantine)

Ship: Reliance

Ship: Renown

Ship: Repulse

Ship: Resolution

Ship: Revenge

Ship: Ribble

Ship: River Clyde

Ship: Robert Bookless (HMT)

Ship: Roberts (Monitor)

Ship: Roxburgh

Ship: Royal Oak

Ship: Royal Sovereign

Ship: Royalist

Ship: Russell

Ship: Sagitta

Ship: Sandra

Ship: Sapphire

Ship: Sappho

Ship: Satyr

Ship: Severn

Ship: Shannon

Ship: Sir John Moore

Ship: Sirius

Ship: Skirmisher (Destroyer)

Ship: Soudan

Ship: Southampton

Ship: Starfish

Ship: Strathallan (Minesweeper)

Ship: Strongbow

Ship: Submarines - E11

Ship: Submarines - E2

Ship: Submarines - H27

Ship: Submarines - K16

Ship: Submarines - K8

Ship: Submarines - M2

Ship: Swallow

Ship: Swiftsure

Ship: Sylph

Ship: Tay

Ship: Teazer

Ship: Temeraire

Ship: Terror (Monitor)

Ship: Tiger

Ship: Topaze (Cruiser)

Ship: Torch

Ship: Transylvania

Ship: Triad (Steam Yacht HQ Ship in Dardanelles 1915)

Ship: Trident

Ship: Triumph

Ship: Valiant

Ship: Valkyrie

Ship: Vancouver

Ship: Vengeance

Ship: Verity

Ship: Vindictive

Ship: Wakeful (Destroyer)

Ship: Warrior

Ship: Warspite

Ship: Waterhen

Ship: Westcott

Ship: Weymouth

Ship: Whirlwind

Ship: Whitby Abbey

Ship: Wild Swan

Ship: Windsor

Ship: Wrestler

Ship: Yarmouth (Cruiser)

Ship: Zealandia

Ship: Zinnia

Ship: Zylpha

Ships sunk

A reprint of the original official publications - Navy Losses and Merchant Shipping (Losses) which was first published in August 1919 by HMSO London. For further references see sources and index in P. H. Liddles "The Sailors War" (Blandford, 1985)

Ships Sunk: Aragon - HMT

Ships Sunk: Arcadian - HMT

Ships Sunk: Britannic

Ships Sunk: Cameronia

Ships Sunk: Cestrian

Ships Sunk: Drina

Ships Sunk: Galeka

Ships Sunk: HM Armed Yacht Sanda

Ships Sunk: HMS Amphion

Ships Sunk: HMS Attack

Ships Sunk: HMS Audacious

Ships Sunk: HMS Britannia

Ships Sunk: HMS Bulwark

Ships Sunk: HMS Cape of Good Hope

Ships Sunk: HMS Casandra

Ships Sunk: HMS Clacton

Ships Sunk: HMS Cochrane

Ships Sunk: HMS Cornwallis

Ships Sunk: HMS E17

Ships Sunk: HMS Falmouth

Ships Sunk: HMS Formidable

Ships Sunk: HMS Glatton

Ships Sunk: HMS Goliath

Ships Sunk: HMS Hampshire

Ships Sunk: HMS Hawke

Ships Sunk: HMS Illswater

Ships Sunk: HMS Irresistible

Ships Sunk: HMS K.17

Ships Sunk: HMS Majestic

Ships Sunk: HMS Maori

Ships Sunk: HMS Monmouth

Ships Sunk: HMS Natal

Ships Sunk: HMS Nomad

Ships Sunk: HMS Ocean

Ships Sunk: HMS Pegasus

Ships Sunk: HMS Queen Mary

Ships Sunk: HMS Roburn

Ships Sunk: HMS Russell

Ships Sunk: HMS Scott

Ships Sunk: HMS Sirius

Ships Sunk: HMS Strongbow

Ships Sunk: HMS Triumph

Ships Sunk: HMS Vanguard

Ships Sunk: HMS Vindictive

Ships Sunk: HMS Vittoria

Ships Sunk: HMS Zylpha

Ships Sunk: Hogue / Aboukir / Cressy

Ships Sunk: Ivernia

Ships Sunk: Jersey City

Ships Sunk: King Edward VII

Ships Sunk: Leasowe Castle

Ships Sunk: Leonardo Da Vinci

Ships Sunk: Lovat

Ships Sunk: Lusitania

Ships Sunk: M.30

Ships Sunk: M.31

Ships Sunk: M.T.B 10

Ships Sunk: Maxton

Ships Sunk: Mercian

Ships Sunk: Otaki

Ships Sunk: Queen, The

Ships Sunk: Radnorshire - RMSP

Ships Sunk: Royal Edward

Ships Sunk: Southland

Ships Sunk: Tithonus

Ships Sunk: Transylvania

Ships Sunk: Trevean

Sick Berth Work

Spithead Review 1914

Submarines: Anti. Various papers from PRO and IWM relating to convoys, shipping losses, defence etc and research papers (RUSI Journal). Papers from Cabinet and Admiralty sources.

Submarines: Royal Navy

Suez Canal. See also: Mediterannean and Dardanelles; For a list of drifters sunk on Dover Patrol, see Dover Patrol


Surgeon Probationers and Surgeons

Swift-Broke - Action (19.4.17)

World War 2


Battle of Britain

Battle, Experience of

Bismark (Sinking)

Blitz 1940

British Expeditionary Force 1940

British Expeditionary Force 1941

British Expeditionary Force 1942

British Expeditionary Force 1943

British Expeditionary Force 1944

British Expeditionary Force 1945

British Expeditionary Force 1946

British Expeditionary Force 1947

British Expeditionary Force 1948

British Expeditionary Force 1949

British Expeditionary Force 1950

British Expeditionary Force 1951

British Expeditionary Force 1952

British Expeditionary Force 1953

British Expeditionary Force 1954

British Expeditionary Force 1955

British Expeditionary Force 1956

British Expeditionary Force 1957

British Expeditionary Force 1958

British Expeditionary Force 1959

British Expeditionary Force 1960

British Expeditionary Force 1961

British Expeditionary Force 1962

British Expeditionary Force 1963

British Expeditionary Force 1964

British Expeditionary Force 1965

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