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Archive Collection: BC MS 20c Vickridge

Alberta Vickridge Collection

Vickridge, Alberta


Comprises: (1) Boxes 1-3, containing 439 autograph letters written to Alberta Vickridge from many different correspondents between 19 April 1902 and 1 November 1962, all held in 138 envelopes; (2) Box...

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Archive File: BC MS 20c Vickridge/1

Letters from Alberta Vickridge to Vernon Noble

Vickridge, Alberta


Three letters from Alberta Vickridge, the editor of 'The Jongleur', to Vernon Noble about his poem 'Pan's Plaint'. The poem was published in the Winter 1927 edition of the journal.

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Archive Series: BC MS 20c Vickridge/2



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Archive Collection
Archive Collection: BC MS 20c Matthewman

Sydney Matthewman, small press poetry by or associated with Matthewman or published by the Swan Press.

Matthewman, S


Comprises (a) notebook containing typed versions of poems for Matthewman's collection 'Interlude', with insertions; (b) five small books of verse by Matthewman, two published by the Swan Press (both p...

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